Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Every year for Halloween, I go walk around with my cousins & the kids so they can trick or treat & every year we only make it about 3 streets up & down before the kids & adults start getting cranky..I can remember as kids making it around my whole section and coming home with pillow cases full of candybut I guess times have really changed!

Princess Laya

Alyssa, McKendra, & Anthony

If you look closly, you can see Michael Myers, I tried to capture a shot of the scared kids BUT he wasn't too scary & the kids didn't really care for him.

"Sexy" Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Today at work, we had a Halloween party & since there a only 9 of us left in my department, we decided to dress up as Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs...Chrissy & I picked out new t~shirts for everyone, I sewed everyone hats from felt & Dawn (my mgr) was going to be the Evil Witch. Marianne (a co~worker) was going to be Snow White. Well, she couldn't be just any ol' Snow White, we search high & low and called numerous stores before finding a costume in her size, which she ended up altering anyway!!!

Snow White, the Evil Witch & the Seven Dwarfs

Sexy Snow White

The Evil Witch giving Snow White a bad apple

Snow & Dopey

Snow & Sleepy



My Christmas punkin'

all of the pumpkins from the pumpking decorating contest

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Disney Pictures

I found a few more family pics from Disney ~ it's not to often we get pics of all or most of us together!

all of us in Magic Kingdom

In Epcot Future World ~ this pic is cool, when you get off of the Imagination w/Figment ride, they have all of this neat stuff that you can play with & take pictures..this pic we took of ourselves and then emailed it home.

Debby always outdoes herself!!

Last night my cousin Debby had a Halloween/Birthday party for her 2 grandson's Andrew & Collin....the whole family was there, everyone was dressed up in some pretty cool costumes and there was lots of fun for everyone!

Andrew ~ all wet from bobbing for apples

Collin Jaymes ~ after he got his apple!

I think Collin dunked Andrew in the water further right after this picture was taken...


Beth's infamous costume!

McKendra Leigh

Kylie was a lil' bit scared of the haunted house

Blake ~ the crazy man in the shed with the chainsaw

Keith's head

Beth ~ showing Bridget how to dance to Thriller

Tasia & Bridget

Photography Workshop

Yesterday Michelle, Tina & I took a Photography class at Memory Lane in Quakertown, Pa with Karen Russell ( .... This is the 1st class I have ever taken by a "celebrity" in the scrapbooking world but it was not really for me. She taught us how to use the manual settings on our cameras & I did learn some interesting things but it just made me realize that I think I want to go buy a new smaller point & shoot!!

One of the things she told us was to not take shots of women with their double chins showing..sorry Karen!!
I was taking some practice shots ...
and more...

Monday, October 22, 2007


I stole these pictures from one of the other bridesmaids blogs...I thought they were good shots of all of us bridesmaids...Don't we look purdy??

Smarty pants

On our way to the Halloween party, Gyllyan was hot so she took her hat off...when I told her to put it back on this is what she did!! Sometimes, she is such a smarty pants!

Halloween Party

Every year my friend Tracy's sister Dawn has a big Halloween party for the kids in her barn behind her house...they have a DJ, the kids dance & play, food, hayrides, and then a parade for them to go trick or treating...It's always so much fun, the kids love it!!!
Monster Mash Gyllyan

Princess Maggie Rose

Raggedy Ann Gyllyan

on the hayride...

Group shot

after trick or treating

Pirate Patty

Jules & Dinosaur Max driving the tractor

Gyllyan didn't want to get off of the hayride..can you tell?

Sesame Place once again!!

Once again I used my season pass for Sesame Place ... but this time it was all decorated for Halloween.

Gyllyan & Abby Cadabby

which one of these doesn't belong??

she wanted to take the witch with us.....


This weekend we went to my parents for dinner...Gyllyan loves going over there & they love having her there!! Anything goes & she plays hard the whole time, which is probably why she loves it so much!!

Look at those eyes!

Devilish face!

Playing hide & seek with Bidgit

she loves to play with silly putty (or eggy, as she calls it)

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