Sunday, August 26, 2007


A few months ago I taught Gyllyan how to say I LOVE YOU in sign language...well, she has now perfected it and that is how she say's it...Love Lu & I love it!


While I was in blogging tonight, lil' missy was watching the Wiggles or so I thought ?!?!? Literally, she was alone for about 10 mins and when I walked into the living room, this is what I found, her, going through my purse, looking for gum...she then had the nerve to tell me "go away" when I tried to take her picture!!!!!!!!

new toys

McKendra handed down some of her "little" girl toys to Gyllyan...I thought she was just too young for this Strawberry Shortcake house but I would take it and keep it for a year or so until she was ready to play with it...WELL...when I brought it upstairs today, she gasped "ohhhh" as if I brought her something really great and I guess I did because she played with it for the longest time tonight...wish I would have brought it up on Friday night, it would have kept her busy all weekend! LOL

Potty Training.....

Gyllyan always did good when trying to potty train but I think this time is really it..she does so good most of the time, a few mishaps here & there but for the most part she tells you when she has to go but isn't this one of the cutest tushies ya ever did see??

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Swimming at the Schival's

Today I went swimming at Tracy's parent's house with a few other friends and their kids...before we knew it, we were acting like kids again for HOURS in the pool!!

Bean & Maggie

Look at how pretty these 2 little girls are!!

and how cute are they hanging out together!!