Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The baby is finally here!!!

This morning at 5:08 am
my friend Patty finally had her baby boy!
(4 days past her due date)
We were up all night waiting for him
it was a busy, long night
but I'm glad I was there to experience it!
7lbs 2oz
21 in
at 4:50 am ~ getting ready to push!

and here he is, getting all cleaned up!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

GBC Helmets

Bridget's team had my dad's initials added to their helmets this was sooo nice of them to do this in honor of my dad!

We brought this chair down to the game for John to sit in since he just had surgery recently but the other reason was because my dad used to bring this chair down to the games to embarrass always worked and still does!!

Bridget's game

On Monday we drove down to Bridget's softball game since they were having a "little thing" for the Seniors on the team (even though Bridget will be going an extra year since she was red shirted for her shoulder)

I love this picture, it's me taking a picture of John taking a picture of Bridget during the National Anthem

Bridget had to sit out of this game because she is still having problems with her shoulder.

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GBC Athletic Awards Ceremony

Last night we went to Bridget's awards ceremony at her College, it was very nice, but they did not give out awards for the Softball yet since their season isn't over.

Bridget & her roommate Jill

Friday, April 18, 2008

My 2 pregnant friends

Believe it or not, Tracy is due in 2 months and Patty is due next week...I think Tracy is bigger than Patty!! LOL

Patty - due April 26th

Tracy - due June 10th

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Manyunk for dinner

After the Phillies game we went to dinner in Manyunk
where my friend Sue's daughter works at Tartufo
a great quaint place to eat with delicious food!

Love,Love how this city looks!
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some more shots from the game

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

at the Phillies game today

It was such a great day to be at the game

the weather was beautiful

the seats were great


the Phillies kicked butt!!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Then home

for dinner & outside for some ice cream & bubbles

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At the Playground

Yesterday we spent a few hours at the playground...Gyllyan had so much fun and ofccourse did not want to leave!

she loved this swing
I guess it made her feel secure
since I was pushing her high like she asked

a knockoff of Michelle's pic she took of Gyllyan

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