Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The baby is finally here!!!

This morning at 5:08 am
my friend Patty finally had her baby boy!
(4 days past her due date)
We were up all night waiting for him
it was a busy, long night
but I'm glad I was there to experience it!
7lbs 2oz
21 in
at 4:50 am ~ getting ready to push!

and here he is, getting all cleaned up!


Amy said...

aww he is so cute!! Michael is such a cute name... lol

Daily dose of Dana said...

He is adorable, look how sweet! Congrats to Patty

michelle said...

how awesome that u got to be there. congratulations to patty! michael is so sweet! i hope hes better than all the michaels i know!


That's what everyone keeps saying about the name Michael!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gessie,
Good pics...however we can do without the getting ready to push pic! How bout you take that one off?!