Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sesame Place

I told Gyllyan the other day that we could go to Sesame if she was good on Saturday, but ofcourse since it rained, we didn't make it. Soooo, today she was so excited when she woke up, the 1st thing out of her mouth was, "Gessy, can we go to Se'ame today?". Unbeknownst to be, it was a "special" day today & they have trick or treating this time of year, so there were a million people there!! I tried talking her out of going, but her crocodile tears got me once again! Needless to say, she did have a great time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

THIS is my absolute favorite time of the year...I wait all year long to get some good pics at the patch!

Love this pic, see her little tongue hanging while she's trying so hard to pick up the pumpkin!

she never wears her own sunglasses BUT she has to have mine when the sun is in her eyes!

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Halloween Party

Sunday was the annual Halloween party that my friend Tracy's sister throws for the kids in her Barn in her backyard...this year I took Mason, Aydan & Gyllyan.
This year there were about 100 kids running all around dancing, walking in a parade and going on hayrides.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

"New Addition"

Announcing the arrival of Minnie "Mouse" Mount
she arrived on Friday afternoon
and is adjusting well to her new home!

isn't she cute?

taking a nose dive off of the 2nd floor (guess she didn't realize there were steps yet?!?)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Birthday "Surprise"

I know these pics are a few weeks late
but since I thought this was just going to be dinner
with a few friends & family
I didn't take my camera
so I had to depend on my friend Patty
to send me her pics
(which she is very much a slacker on doing!)

all of my Home Connects girlas

Lindsey, Ashley (being fresh) & Bridget

"The Cousins"
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Monday, October 06, 2008

my "NEW" scrap area

I'm so excited that it is all neat & clean again.
It took me hours to get it all straighten up!
Now between school & looking for a job, I need to find the time to scrap!!

Our Punkin' Lady

I love Mr. Potato Heads, I just think they are adorable, so when I saw this last year, I just had to buy it & Gyllyan & I couldn't wait till' punkin' time to decorate our pumpkin.
(Gyllyan painted her fingers & piggy toes)

Mags & Bean

The girls were asking to play with each other again so I took Gyllyan over there on Saturday night, they played hard and ofcourse had a great time as usual playing dress up, coloring pumpkins, having a tea party, and I even played a little hula hoop
(but luckily noone got pics!)

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Bensalem Community Day

Saturday I spent the day with Tina, Michael & the kids, the kids had sooo much fun!

getting his finger printed

this would be a funnel cake face!

Kenny's soccer game

Which they won 4-0!

One of my birthday cards....

I know this was a difficult year for you. But through it all you lived each day with amazing courage and grace ~ growing and learning and finding your way...and now it's your birthday, and you have have a brand~new year ahead of you, and a lifetime of dreams just waiting to come true.