Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sesame Place 2007

Today Gyllyan & I met my friend Tracy & her nephew Max at Sesame Place, this was our (Gyllyand & I) first time there this season...she had so much fun and what a difference from last year...can't wait to go back again, especially now that I have a season pass!

how cute is this??
Just too many to post, so I posted them all!

Love this one!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Last Saturday Shannon, Beth & I decided to have a yard sale, we did it up right this time, we had an add in the paper, signs posted around the neighborhood and McKendra had an Alex's Lemonade stand, which she raised over $150.00 for the cause! Great job Kenny!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Today I took Gyllyan to my parent's house...I made dinner and then we went outside to play for a while...this kid had sooo much fun playing in the pool, it was the perfect size for her! Her poor little lips were "blue" by the time she got out!!

(double click on the pics to see it larger)

Monday, June 11, 2007


R.I.P Sweet Stephen
6/25/89 ~ 4/29/07

Patty's softball game

Friday night a few of us from "work" met up to see Patty's game, first me, Nikki, & Tracy went to dinner at Chickie & Pete's (YUM) and then the game, which they lost horribly (12-1, I think) and then to Harrington's for some drinks..Good time, as usual!!

our girl ~ the catcher

our girl ~ looking to see where she hit the ball ?!?!!?

Patty's sister Collen ~ also on the team..playing with Missy the puppy dog

Omar ~ looking all buff & cut~

Nikki, Carmen, Tracy & Carmen's son

Our girl ~ the Star player!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bridget's 21st birthday party

I can't believe my baby sister is 21 already! It seems like not that long ago she said to me "Gessy, in 10 years when I turn 21 are you going to be too old to go out with me" and I replied "Bridget, I will be 31, are you kidding me, I will still be hanging out and parting" YEA, RIGHT! I can't hang out on week days, can barely stay out past 12 and if I have a hang over, I am on the couch these days, ALL DAY!! LOL

Bridgy, Bridgy getting ready to partaaayyy!!
Happy 21st Birthday Bridget!

the mens hanging out at the Ice Luge..

getting the party started with the 1st rounds of shots from the ice luge...

Pretty girls .... Tasia, Beth, Briana & Ashleigh

more pics of the pretty girls Ashleigh & Briana ...

Since Baileigh lives so far away, we celebrated her birthda at Bridget's party too !

Jaden eating a large piece of cake!

shots with the birthday girl!

more shots with the birthday girl...

me & Beth doing a sissy shot (she can't handle it)

my girls love me!

me & Beth with hot Johnny!

Florida May 11th - 21st

I went to Florida for 10 days to visit my family and especially be there for Ayana's 1st birthday, even though her 1st birthday was May 22nd.....but I was there for the party! I had fun spending time with my sister and neices and even my mom's boyfriend (who can be a pain in my but, literally) since my mom was in the hospital the whole week I was there.

Ayana Lei ~ gets her blond hair & blue eyes from ME!!

Messy, Messy girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Ayana Lei!

love this tushy!!!!!!

My girls ~ Audra & Ayana

Sweet smile

so grown up!!