Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silly Gylly

When I layed my clothes out on the bed on this day, this goofy girl came in & thought it would be funny to try on my underware & bra!
(and I'm sure you are all wondering, this is a brand new pair of underware & a brand new bra!)

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl XLIII

Every year, the ladies get together in my family for a Superbowl Party..Lots of good food & fun!


I am not sure what Bethany doing in the background? I think she was very confused with these 3D glasses on?!?!?

everyone waiting for the halftime commercials!

Birthday party

Saturday, we went to a birthday party for my friend Sherri's son..she had the Philadelphia Zoo on Wheels there. It was quite interesting if you like those types of animals (personally, if it doesn't have fur, I don't like it!) but the kids loved it except Gyllyan was mad because she was not allowed to touch the animals, they could only touch the skins that the lady brought with her.
Jimmy - the birthday boy!

I love this one of the two of, so cute!

Silly Gylly - this is her new face that she makes ALL of the time! Such a goof!

touching the real snake skin - did you know that the Zoo skins the animals when they die? She brought bird feathers, a turtle shell, a snake skin, and an alligator skin.