Monday, December 31, 2007


I have always loved this picture of Beth & I

I was only 16 (she was 18)

Big Hair was very much in in then

Wasn't I having a really good hair day??

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Sunday, December 30, 2007


One of my cousins got a Wii from Santa so she brought it with her today at our post-holiday party at Beth's house...a few of us really got into it, especially Shannon!!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas night

Just a few random shots

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Christmas morning

Christmas morning, Shannon calls me when they get up so I can go there to watch Kenny open her gifts from Santa...some of her gifts were....

a book ~ Sarah, Plain & Tall

a guitar

High School Musical ~ Extended addition

Briana tuning the guitar

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Opening presents

This year we decided to open presents at midnight instead of in the morning, well, actually I thought it would be a nice, new tradition since we are older now and everybody went for it!

Bridget didn't want me to post this, that's why it's on here!

Pat got a magnifying glass this year!! I think it will be used more like a toy then for really seeing!

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Christmas Eve

Polish dinner @ Aunt Pat's house

My aunt Pat went to China this year & brought this back for McKendra

she has been posing like this since she was little!

3 pretty girls

McKendra & her godchild ornament

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The Ryan Kids

Opening gifts from me at their house.

The Hallmark Godchild ornament ~ get it every year!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Once of Gyllyan's Christmas gifts was bubbles ~ she loves to blow bubbles ~ so before I took her home we stopped by my aunt & uncle's house where my stepmom was watching my cousins for the day so Gyllyan could see "Passy" ... we took the bubbles with us since she wanted to blow bubbles all weekend!

Love this pic even though it is not in focus at all!
I love how her pigtails are sticking straight out
while she was chasing the bubbles


not looking to happy but it was getting kinda chilly out &

their poor little hands were getting cold from the wet bubbles

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dana's birthday

I wish I would have found these about a week earlier when it was Dana's birthday ~ a few years ago for her birthday I got her a ticket to go to NYC (her favorite place) with a bunch of us to see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall ... we had a good time but I remember it was a very busy & cold that day in NYC!

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Today is such a nasty, rainy day that Gyllyan and I have not even gotten out of our PJ's yet..we have played with puzzles, colored, played with play-do, watched movies and in between I have been having fun playing with my scanner!!! I love my new toy!

Tracy & I in Ocean City, MD
summer 2007
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What a difference a year makes...

this is last year's Christmas picture..she has grown up so much in the last year!

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Proof ......

that I could once wear a bikini !!

my sister & I with our favorite cousin Tracy

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me & my mommy

on my 1st birthday
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My Christmas with Gyllyan

Again this year my parents & sister came over this morning for breakfast & to open their present & my presents to Gyllyan...this year was alot more fun since she understands presents and loves to open them! I told her when she woke up that they were coming over to open presents & she couldn't wait for them to get here! She was so excited!!

Playing the egg & spoon race game

Opening her gifts ~ she was very maticulous about the tape & paper being left on the presents

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